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Reception and Performance

Telling Them Apart: Eileen Cowin and Jonesy

January 27, 2024 2:00pm

Performance - 3:00pm
Free and open to the public
California Museum of Photography

Event Info

Join us on Saturday, January 27 from 2-5pm for the opening reception of Telling Them Apart: Eileen Cowin & Jonesy with a performance at 3pm.

Telling Them Apart: Eileen Cowin and Jonesy highlights a collaborative venture between the Los Angeles-based artists Eileen Cowin and Jonesy whose practices survey the tenuous relationships among the concepts of identity, kinship, and connection. Telling Them Apart will be structured as a call-and-response, with Cowin’s photographs from the 1980s serving as the reference point for new bodies of work by the two artists: Cowin’s early photographs inform a new multi-part photo installation and video work by Jonesy that surveys the genres of film noir and erotic thrillers while slyly referencing the narrative tropes of Cowin’s series. Cowin, in turn, will realize new work in response to Jonesy’s installation, creating a cyclical exploration of two intergenerational practices and the unexpected affinities shared between them.

For the performance conceived by Jonesy and Craig Biesecker, a cast will present staged tableaus that respond to the erotic charge of the works on view as well as the architectural environment of the California Museum of Photography.

Please be advised that this exhibition contains artwork about sex, sexuality, and implied violence. 

Telling Them Apart: Eileen Cowin and Jonesy is curated by David Evans Frantz, guest curator, and organized by April Baca, curatorial assistant at UCR ARTS. Programs at UCR ARTS are supported by the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences at UCR, and the City of Riverside.