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The Zone of Interest

The Zone of Interest

Directed by Jonathan Glazer

April 26th, 2024 7:00 pm

April 28th, 2024 1:00pm


The commandant of Auschwitz, Rudolf Höss, and his wife Hedwig, strive to build a dream life for their family in a house and garden next to the camp.

Winner of the 2024 Academy Award for Best International Feature.


Film Details

Director: Jonathan Glazer
Studio: A24
Running Time: 105 minutes
Country: United Kingdom, Poland, France
Release Year: 2023
Rated: PG-13


“As a piece of observational cinema that borrows from the very visual grammar of nonfiction films, The Zone Of Interest is an instant classic, a masterpiece whose every gorgeously framed shot aims to stun you into silence.” – Manuel Betancourt, AV Club