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Narrative of a Portrait

Korda's Che from Revolution to Icon

California Museum of Photography

October 9, 2008 - January 4, 2009

The exhibition "Narrative of a Portrait: Korda's Che from Revolution to Icon" traces Ernesto Che Guevara's well known portrait entitled Guerrillero Heroico (Heroic Guerrilla) taken by Alberto Díaz Korda in 1960 from its revolutionary conception to its proliferating commercial contemporary appearances. Curated by Trisha Ziff and organized by the UCR/California Museum of Photography, University of California, Riverside, the exhibition brings together photography, posters, film footage, clothing, ephemera and other artifacts from more than thirty countries. Located at the Antralistanbul Main Gallery 1st floor. For further information: www.santralistanbul.org or (0212) 444 0 428.